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Market Monthly: Taxes: The Good, the Bad, and the Opportunity
Recorded on June 24, 2015

Frank Pape, Director of Consulting, U.S. Private Client Services Group at Russell Investments, spoke to Brandon Thomas, Chief Investment Officer at Envestnet | PMC, about the current fiscal landscape, why taxes matter, the likely impact on client portfolios, and approaches to evaluating tax-efficient investments and tax-managed solutions.

Market Monthly: Dividend Investing: Addressing Investor Concerns
Recorded on May 27, 2015

John Gomez, President at Santa Barbara Asset Management, spoke to Brandon Thomas, Chief Investment Officer at Envestnet | PMC, about approaches to dividend investing and how that may help address the challenges of market volatility, and rising rates and valuations.

Market Monthly: Investing in Today's Municipal Market
Recorded on March 31, 2015

Joe Deane, Executive Vice President and Head of Municipal Bond Portfolio Management at PIMCO, spoke to Chris Devenney, Vice President and Senior Investment Analyst at Envestnet | PMC, about the opportunities and risks in the tax-exempt bond market today, including the recent Puerto Rico downgrades and volatility, challenges facing general obligation debt as state and local governments face rising pension liabilities, and PIMCO’s view on where the municipal market is headed in 2015.

Market Monthly: Adding Alternatives to Improve Risk-Return in Portfolios
Recorded on February 24, 2015

William H. Miller, Chief Investment Officer at Brinker Capital, spoke to Ryan Tagal, Vice President and Portfolio Manager at Envestnet | PMC, on how to add alternatives such as hedge funds, private equity, and real assets and potentially boost investor returns while lowering overall portfolio risk.

Envestnet Market Outlook: Will the Bull Continue in 2015?
Recorded on January 7, 2015

Zachary Karabell, Head of Global Strategy at Envestnet, led our annual conference call featuring a panel of top investment strategists from Invesco, Neuberger Berman, and AllianceBernstein. The panel discussed what financial professionals might expect from the markets in 2015, including: the strength of U.S. stock and bonds vs. global equity weakness; whether global markets will (finally) outperform; consensus that interest rates will rise; geopolitical impact on markets; and declining price of oil.

Market Monthly: True Diversification: Helping Investors Achieve Financial Objectives
Recorded on November 25, 2014

Max Widmer, CFA, Client Portfolio Manager at Invesco, spoke to Brandon Thomas, Chief Investment Officer, Envestnet | PMC, about approaches to portfolio construction and asset class diversification that are suitable for the current economic environment and can help clients achieve long-term financial goals.

Market Monthly: Opportunistic Fixed Income: How Managers Innovate in the Current Environment
Recorded on October 28, 2014

Tom Marthaler, CFA, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at Neuberger Berman, spoke to Nathan Behan, Senior Vice President at Envestnet | PMC, about the opportunities given the current, prolonged low-rate environment and spread normalization in a number of fixed income asset classes, including non-traditional, multi-asset fixed income strategies. He discussed how the current landscape can inform investment decisions as well as the factors behind exploiting a broad opportunity set, determining the appropriate benchmark, setting a risk/return objective, and managing tail risk.

Market Monthly: Opportunities in International Equity
Recorded on September 30, 2014

Michael Bennett, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at Lazard Asset Management, reviewed international markets and provided insight derived from bottom-up stock selection. While overseas investing provides a wealth of opportunities for investors who are willing to explore markets outside the U.S, those markets are not efficient; focusing on individual stocks provides the best approach to understanding and exploiting these inefficiencies.

Market Monthly: Building a Future on Real Assets
Recorded on August 27, 2014

David Wertheim, Director and Senior Product Specialist at Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, spoke to Brandon Thomas, Chief Investment Officer, Envestnet | PMC, about how real assets can offer diverse benefits for today’s investor. The vastness of this asset class allows for a wide range of potential benefits, such as the ability to hedge inflation, enhance portfolio diversification potential, and boost risk-adjusted return and income potential.

Market Monthly: Taking an Alternative Approach to Portfolio Construction
Recorded on July 30, 2014

Brendan Murray, Senior Investment Director at Putnam Investments, spoke to Ryan Tagal, Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Envestnet | PMC, about adding a new layer of diversification with absolute return strategies—unconstrained, benchmark-agnostic strategies that focus on more efficient returns with less systematic risk (beta)—to help improve the overall efficiency of an investment plan.

What are PMC's analysts hearing from portfolio managers?
Recorded on July 10, 2014

The PMC Research Team speaks with investment managers under due diligence coverage on a daily basis. This webinar distills those conversations down to a few key insights advisors can in turn use to prepare for quarterly client meetings.

Market Monthly: Reading the Economy Through an Advisor's Lens: What to Focus On?
Recorded on June 30, 2014

Charles Thomas, CFA and Investment Analyst with Vanguard Investment Strategy Group, talks about the state of the global economy, the outlook for the remainder of 2014, the implications for financial advisors. He also goes into detail about an approach to using information to form asset expectations, common misconceptions about economic news, and drawing correct investment implications from economic growth expectations in developed and emerging markets.

The Best Money Managers: How and Where They're Investing Now
Recorded on June 10, 2014

For 10 years, Investment Advisor and Envestnet PMC have named the SMA Managers of the Year in multiple categories. The winners this year were announced on May 17th, and two of the winners were featured as speakers in an exclusive webcast on June 10th. These managers are active in one of our award categories: domestic or international equities in every cap size, taxable and tax-free fixed income, and a specialty sector that includes managers who are experts in real estate, convertible bonds and MLPs.

Market Morning: Tax Sensitive Investing
Recorded on May 28, 2014

Rod Greenshields, Consulting Director at Russell Investments, covers tax-aware perspectives in five areas: current fiscal landscape, how taxes impact your clients (and your practice), evaluating tax efficient investments, tax implementation strategies, and Russell’s approach.

Market Morning: The New Geography of Investing for International and Global Investors
Recorded on April 30, 2014

Greg Fuss and David Unanue from Capital Group discuss how to build portfolios given today’s interconnected and global markets.

Market Morning: The New Diversification: Adding Alternative Investments
Recorded on March 26, 2014

Mark Peterson, Director of Investment Education at BlackRock, talks about misconceptions in diversification, alternatives in equity, fixed income and commodities markets, and considerations to help reduce portfolio risk and enhance long-term returns.

How to Keep Tax-Sensitive Clients Satisfied
Recorded on March 18, 2014

Brandon Thomas, Chief Investment Officer at PMC, and Michael Featherman, Director of Portfolio Strategies at PMC, discuss how the new Quantitative Portfolios can help manage tax exposures in a systematic and cost-effective manner, to satisfy the most demanding clients or complex tax situations.

Market Morning: Investing for the Recovery in Emerging Markets
Recorded on February 19, 2014

Jai Jacob, Managing Director at Lazard Asset Management, talks about the growth opportunities in emerging markets, and diversifying across the many styles to increase the probability of success and control risk in a volatile market environment.

Introducing the Liquid Endowment Portfolios
Recorded on January 29, 2014

Jim Patrick, Executive Vice President of Advisor Managed Programs, and Michael Featherman, Director of Portfolio Strategies, discuss the Liquid Endowment Portfolios and how diversifying by investment strategy helps capture the right mix of core diversification, risk mitigation, and portfolio responsiveness.

Envestnet Market Outlook: Will 2014 be a calmer year?
Recorded on January 8, 2014

Zachary Karabell, Head of Global Strategy at Envestnet, talks to a panel of top investment strategist about the mood of the markets and how financial professionals can prepare for the challenges in 2014. On the panel were: Robert Arnott, Chairman and CEO at Research Affliates, Milton Ezrati, Partner, Senior Economist and Market Strategist at Lord Abbett, and Bill Miller, Chief Investment Officer at Brinker Capital.

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